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Feature in Romanian about decorated eggs

Article about wonderful decorated eggs.

Feature in Romanian about decorated eggs Prior to editing the street paper, Roger Livesey had managed a project aimed at producing a small cash income for smallholders in the mountains of northern Romania, an area known as the Bucovina.

After doing research for a Danish organisation on how a cash income might be made out of “waste agricultural products”, Roger suggested egg shells, which were already decorated by many women in the Bucovina but very few were sold, being made mostly for friends and families and occasionally sold to tourists in the monasteries.

Roger helped about 250 women, scattered in villages around the mountains, to come together in a kind of cooperative – called Eggnet – and assisted them in the first place to sell their decorated eggs to tourists and later to send them overseas, principally to western European countries including the UK.

When the project was finished he kept close contact with many of the families and this article was written to bring their endeavours to the notice of the city dwellers in the city where the street magazine was produced and sold.