Romanian street paper

Front cover of Romanian street paper featuring the string quartet Voces

A Romanian ‘street paper’

Front cover a the Romanian street paper managed and edited by Roger LiveseyHomeless and vulnerably-housed people were an unfortunate feature of most major Romanian cities after the 1989 revolution. Unlike in the UK, they did not have alcohol or drug-related problems, just nowhere to live or were likely to be on the street in the near future.

The paper was sold on the street by homeless people who were able to keep a substantial proportion of the selling price. This gave them a small income while they were supported by Romanian social workers employed by the paper.

Roger Livesey was managing editor of this street paper for about two years, employing Romanian journalists and social workers while also writing for the paper, in Romanian, himself.

In this issue he wrote a major article about the string quartet – Voces – featured on the cover shown here. The quartet was celebrating 30 years of playing together.