Insight newsletter

Front page of Insight Autumn 2014
Insight, the newsletter of the Wilberforce Trust.

Insight newsletterInsight has varied between 6 and 12 pages including two supplements: Living&Learning which covers what Wilberforce calls the Living&Learning Zone, a specialised ‘community centre’ facility for people with disabilities, especially sight loss and additional disabilities, in the head office in Huntington, York; the other, Insider, provides news about tenants in the charity’s supported housing in York and Tadcaster, some of this being written by the tenants themselves.

The basic design of the newsletter was developed in conjunction with a graphic designer. Now all the artwork can be produced by Extraordinary Writing, in house, using Adobe InDesign. Finished artwork, as a PDF file, is sent to a printer and the finished newsletter delivered to the charity on a fixed arranged date as volunteers are called in to stuff it into addressed envelopes and posted to a list of subscribers. We could, however, have it put in transparent polythene together with an address sheet from a supplied database and posted.

Wilberforce supports people with sight loss and additional disabilities so although the newsletter is not targeted primarily at them is is produced so that it can be read by people with less serious visual impairments. A large print version is produced, on request, for those with more serious eye conditions.

The majority of the many photographs used in the publication are taken by Extraordinary Writing during research and editing of the stories and for this enhanced DSB clearance and an understanding of data protection requirements is vital.

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