Hobby writing – haiku

'rowan' haiku published on grumpytyke blog

Haiku; something in common with headlines?

haikuMost of my hobby writing in on blogs; I post fairly regularly to three. One, grumpytyke, is where I sometimes post haiku. This one was inspired by a rowan tree close to my home. Unusual features of many of my haiku are that they are often inspired by photographs I am taking, or just a scene which prompts me to compose the photograph and the haiku together.

As a journalist I really liked the challenge of getting the story down to a few words – the headline. One challenge of the haiku (the kind of haiku I favour) is to condense the thought into 17 syllables in three lines: 5, 7, 5.

Here are the words of this one:

Green satiated

Winter songsters’ sanguine store

Shiver prophesy

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